Learning Zone

Welcome to the Tell Me Project, an educational and intergenerational adventure.

This exciting project is designed to motivate Primary and Secondary School pupils to record memories of older people, aged over 60, in their families and communities. These personal stories, which are digitally stored on the Tell Me Project website can be used by teachers to target areas like history and citizenship within the curriculum and meet wide ranging learning objectives.

How to Get Started

First we suggest that you watch the Get Started video guide which takes you through the process of conducting a really great interview for the Tell Me Project.

If you need a quick reminder of all the helpful points covered in this video tutorial simply follow our Step by Step Guide which you can find under Resources.

Don’t forget to watch the full version of A Good Interview and A Not So Good Interview which are really helpful.

What Next?

After watching the video tutorials and exploring the website we hope you are
inspired to take part in the Tell Me Project. If you are interested in running your own Tell Me Day and taking part in the project please register.